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At the smoking room, La Guirlande

La Guirlande, a monthly album of art and literature, was a precious and discreet review, because only 11 issues of it appeared, between October 1919 and September 1921, in a print-run of 800 copies.

Published under the literary direction of Jean Hermanovits and the artistic direction of Umberto Brunelleschi, during its brief existence, it was a reference in terms of elegance and good taste, giving the tone to fashionable circles.

The larger number of drawings in the texts, the panels and the numerous plates were created and signed by the great illustrators of the early 20th century: primarily Umberto Brunelleschi, who edited the review, with the collaboration of Georges Barbier, Martha Romme, Maurice Taquoy, Guy Arnoux, Emmanuel Blanche, Alexandre Zinoviev, Léon Bonnotte, Gerda Wagner, Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Eduardo Garcia Benito, and other artists too.


Ready-to-be-framed size 21 x 29.7 cm


Fashion illustrations