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To Mont-Blanc in daylight, 1928, Géo Dorival

Before the outbreak of the First World War, Géo Dorival was one of the greatest specialists in tourist posters. With their scrupulous realism, his creations are above all remarkable for their lithographic virtuosity. But his masterpiece, To Mont-Blanc, forms a complete contrast. Emerging above a dark mass of pine trees, broken only by a railway, Mont Blanc stands out majestically against a starry night sky. Géo Dorival had now started playing on planes and volumes, flat tints and geometric compositions. This poster was published in three states: in daylight, at dusk and at night. When placed in a series, they thus made for a "cinematographicé poster, several years before Cassandre's Dubo-Dubon-Dubonnet. This is a unique case among tourist posters; an extraordinary idea that has been perfectly executed.

Available in 3 ready-to-be-framed sizes:
40 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm and 70 x 100 cm